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Solidifying a teaming arrangement between qualified vendors and 8(a) organizations requires a thorough examination of business development strategy and extensive negotiations.

For a period of three to twelve months, our firm will work closely with the management of a teaming applicant’s company to determine its core capabilities. It is vital that the teaming partner have the resources to sustain rapid growth. Because of the long-term nature of the relationships to be formed between the parties, it is crucial that a period of discovery be a significant part of the initial stage of the teaming process.

The second phase of the teaming process is to put in place agreements to formalize the arrangement between the partners: the 8(a) organization; the teaming vendor; Gray Capital.

Once all agreements are finalized, the “team” is presented to government procurement officers. In the procurement process, the 8(a) organization acts as the prime contractor and sub-contracts the work to the teaming vendor in a pre-established teaming arrangement set by our firm. This ensures the access to sole-sourced contracts available to the 8(a) companies and typically work begins almost immediately.

Our firm, acting as a consultant to both parties, will continue to manage the relationships and procurement process on an ongoing basis. Our objective is to partner qualified companies in long-term, successful relationships that surpass even the greatest of expectations.

To learn more about Gray Capital’s process, please print and fax this form to our office. Your request will be processed within the next business day and a Gray Capital representative will present you with a username and password for access.




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