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Gray Capital can assist both companies that are new to the government market as well as those seeking to expand their current government business.

Traditionally, companies seeking government business are forced to participate in a bid process. This is time consuming, expensive, and often unsuccessful.  Many companies attempt to win government contracts, because of the known profitability involved, but incur significant expense preparing estimates.

Gray Capital provides access to several government markets and can offer assistance to highly motivated companies seeking to win government business. Our firm has become a facilitator in teaming qualified companies with 8(a) businesses to fulfill long-term, high-dollar contracts.

WHY 8(a)?
The SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program, named for a section of the Small Business Act, is a business development program created to help small businesses, owned by at least 51 percent minority or disadvantaged individuals, compete in the American economy and access the federal procurement market.

8(a) businesses have been granted access to no-bid, set-aside contracts with the government. In fact, government procurement officers are required to award a certain percentage of the federal budget each year to 8(a) companies these no-bid contracts instead of subjecting them to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs guidelines).

Unique among all 8(a) organizations are tribal (both Native American and Eskimo) groups and Service Disabled Veteran Organizations (SDVOs). Unlike other 8(a) organizations, these groups are not limited to single contract ceiling amounts or annual contract limits. Most importantly, these tribal 8(a) organizations are not at risk of losing 8(a) status from the SBA due to growth which would cause the business to exceed the SBA guidelines of eligibility.

Simply put, these unique 8(a) businesses have unlimited potential to win multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts. Yet because of the huge scope of work required and sometimes the inexperience of the groups, they become restricted only by the lack of capability to fulfill the scope of work involved.

Through its relationships with the United States federal government and 8(a) businesses, Gray Capital has positioned itself in a way unlike any other private investment firm. After years of working with tribal 8(a) organizations, we have recognized an opportunity to partner, or team, mid-size and larger companies with these tribal and SDVO groups to fulfill the work required. The result is beneficial to all parties: government set-aside spending requirements are met; 8(a) organizations are afforded growth and sustainability; companies teamed with these organizations are provided access to government business that has been historically expensive, time consuming and unsuccessful.




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